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QuickLOAD 2-22 Adjustable Dumbbell

Quickload 222 Adjustable Dumbbells / Selectable Dumbbell Set 2-22KG 
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From 2 to 22 kg with a flick of the switch QUICKLOAD 222 is the most simple selectorized dumbbell on the market. You change the weight with a simple flick of the switch. The patent pending QuickLoad adjustable Dumbbell features a unique weight expansion system, yet functions like a fixed dumbbell. The system is a complete ergonomic dumbbell set, with options to customize weight ranges. 

Pat pending Quick Load adjustable dumbbell features a unique weight expansion system. Its ergonomic design functions like a fixed weight commercial dumbbell. This weight expansion feature allows users to customizetheir weight range as needed and as can be afforded. 

quickload dumbbells - buy nowThe dumbbell is shipped as a 22kg model but can easily be extended by adding extra weight plates. The extra weight plates
comes as 1,1kg and 2,2kg plates.

The maximum weight for one
is 30,8kg.

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How it works


With a simple switch on each weight plate locks it to the handle. In this way, you can add as many plates you want, just by turning the switch on the weight plate.

The selected weight is clearly shown on the side of 
each plate. 
Add or remove weights just by sliding the switch on each plate to its “locked” or “unlocked” position. Additional weight plates are available for purchase to expand your set up to 30 kg.

The dumbbell tray is adjustable to accommodate more weight plates. Add-on weight plates are currently available in the 1.1 kg and 2.2 kg.

quickload dumbbells


The dumbbell never gets wider than the weight selected.
No more need for big fixed length dumbbells.

– You can add more weight to the dumbbell, just 
the tray and add more weight. 

– Few and simple parts with innovative technology. Weight range: 2,2kg up to 22kg in standard model expandable to 30kg. Available weight plates: 1.1kg and 2,2kg - Length increases with additional weights.

Dimensions:  L 170mm [2,2kg] – 340mm [22kg], W 190mm.;
Dimensions in cradle:  L 390mm, W 210mm, H 184mm.;
Dimensions on stand: L 540mm, W 690mm, H 750mm.

quickload adjustable dumbbells

quickload dumbbells with stand and bench

Dumbbell stand

For easy storage and easy use keep your dumbbells on a stand. The QLR 1222 dumbbell stand is an easy way to store your dumbbells. It looks good in your work out area and you always have your dumbbells ready for starting your work out.

The stand keeps your dumbbells in a correct height and angle so you can lift them without unnecessary stress on your back.

– Can easily be adjusted if you expand your dumbbells. If you add more weights to the dumbbells the stand can easily be adjusted to accommodate.

– Solid construction that will not vibrate when you put your dumbbells back in the stand.

Dimensions stand only: L 540mm, W 690mm, H 630mm.


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A good exercise bench is a must to get the most out of your dumbbells. Our fully adjustable and foldable multipurpose bench is made so it can be adjusted in incline, flat and decline position. In addition we have added features to make it perfect for your home. Easy to move and to store.

– Adjustable incline, flat and decline position in 5 steps 

– Large wheels for easy moving – Back pad allow free shoulder movement – Foldable for easy storage

– Different handles for easy moving and carrying.

Dimensions foldedL 1330mm, W 405mm,
H 190mm. 
Dimensions flatL 1275mm,
W 405mm, H 500mm.