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"I am Mr Phil Heaton orthopaedic consultant surgeon from Heaton Health and sports research Fitness Centre.

We have utilised Teeter inversion tables from Gymkit UK, within the medical and sports services for improved patient education and correctional treatment of back pain over the course of the last 3 years with excellent outcomes.

Teeter inversion tables allow for a significant reduction in the recurrence of back pain in my practice.
In addition our patients have noticed significant reduction in the need for regular analgesic use following treatment.
In my opinion Teeter inversion systems are unique innovative technology that has enhanced the management of patient care and optimisation of non surgical spine treatments.

At Heaton Health and Sports we intend to continue to collaborate with Gymkit UK and the Teeter systems for the benefit of both our sporting and non sporting clients."

Phil Heaton
Heaton Health and Sports
Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon. FRCS (Tr& Orth), Ph.D Lower limb arthroplasty (Hip and Knee). Trauma.
Visiting lecturer University of Portsmouth, UK Gold Medalist World Medical Games


"Hi Roger and the Teeter crew, after suffering from severe back pain for nearly 10 years, i tried nearly everything to get help, i litterally spent thousands of pounds on various therapys trying to get some relief, nothing worked until one day a good friend suggested inversion tables, i gave it a go and got instant relief, i stopped taking all the horrible prescribed pain killers and have been using my Teeter Inversion Table F7000 on and off for about 3 years now. I can honestly tell you it has given me my life back. So thanks for a great product, i can`t begin to tell you just how much it has helped."

Simon, England UK. 


"I have recently treated a patient with very aggresive sciatica which she has suffered for the past 8 years due to prolapsed discs of the lumbar spine. The treatment I have given her with the Teeter DFM has abated the sciatica, The first relief she has had in 8 years of suffering. During the 8 years she had visited many chiropractors and osteopaths but none had been able to help with her condition. Her own GP was at a loss to know how to help her further and the consultant surgeon did not wish to operate as there was a high risk of surgery worsening her condition. She came to me through recommendation from a friend and so glad she did! Her own GP is very pleased I've been able to help her. This is just one of the many successful treatments I've had with the DFM."

Dr Richard Purcell


"I suffer from Thoracic and Sciatic Disc Herniation (a spinal cord injury), although my advice to all is seek medical advice prior to using the product, but this has improved my back pain quite considerably. I use it every day, before I go to bed, after I wake up, before I go out for work and after I come back, every single day!! And it has worked wonders. If you suffer from such pain, I suggest you give this product a go.!!! And if you do, make it a routine, I'm sure you'll see its benefits." 

Mohammed, UK (Review taken from Trustpilot)


Teeter Inversion tables have more comfort, quality, and security features than any other inversion table on the market. Try hanging upside down on a teeter inversion table for just a few moments, and you will understand why millions of people around the world use this ancient inversion therapy to relieve back pain, reduce stress and improve their quality of life.