As with every new start to the year we all set off with resolutions, goals and aspirations. It is admirable to anyone wanting to enhance their lives or themselves in any capacity. When it comes to fitness it is also great to reach for the stars, dream big and aim high. So if you are one of these people that has set their target to run a marathon, get to the gym, workout regularly this may help you reach your goals and not burn out too soon.

It is important to have an end goal, but in fitness we need to take steps to get there. If we throw ourselves into the deep end you may well find your new regime too time consuming or just generally too hard for your body to cope with. It then becomes obvious why after three months health clubs retention figures start to change. People tend to lose interest, drop out and not continue to strive towards their goal with the zest and passion they had on the 1st of Jan! Step one to successful goal setting is to have a Smart Goal, and to devise a plan to get you there. The plan needs to be progressive so that you turn you ultimate end goal in to lots of smaller goals. By reaching a smaller goal will mentally help you to stay motivated than spending weeks trying to reach your final goal. Every time you reach the smaller goal, you can progress to your next goal. Before you know it the ultimate end goal is in sight…and actually it felt ok getting there.

When setting your goal ask yourself how long do you think it will take you to reach it? If you are committing yourself to get to the gym five times a week but realistically you can’t get the childcare, you have to consider your other half or work commitments then you may have to change this goal to something more realistic. You will feel better knowing you have made every gym session if you committed to three times a week than only making three sessions when your goal was 5 workout’s a week! Research what is also realistic. When it comes to weights or cardiovascular training the general rule is increase the intensity, which can be dome through different variables by 10 percent each week. With weight loss, 2 lbs a week is the safest and most effective rate to lose weight. Being conscientious in your goal setting will help you to achieve anything you put your mind too. Make sure once you are there you reward yourself too. Make all the hard work, perseverance and effort worth the while. Good luck !