When it comes to working out, we are all guilty of not starting exercising sooner. The number 1 pitfall of consistent training is procrastination. We’ll give the “I’ll start tomorrow” “Just 1 more day” excuse and before we know it, we find ourselves in this rut  once again. Consistency in the gym is one of  the most important factors to achieve progress,  so here are 5 tips to help you train on a regular basis.

1. Find ways to motivate yourself
It may seem like hard, but finding a driving force to motivate you will help you grow stronger; physically and mentally. Your motivation can help you make fitness part of your daily routine and help you find a way to enjoy it.

If you are someone who struggles with finding ways to motivate yourself, think of your end goal, where do you want to be fitness wise in the next 6-12 months? What differences will you notice within your body? There are many ways to motivate yourself, you just need to see what works for you. This could be putting your background as your fitness inspiration, getting yourself a gym buddy so you can both motivate each other, buying some new workout gear, whatever works for you, start to do it now.


2. Track your progress

Once you get into the habit of working out, it is a good idea to start tracking your progress. This would be good to see where you were when you first started and to then see how much progress you’ve made over time. It will keep you motivated knowing how far you’ve come, making It more likely to achieve your end goal. You can download fitness tracking apps on your phone or keep a journal of your daily routines and track your progress.

3. Create Small Goals
Similar to the previous point, creating small fitness goals can be a great way to see how you are improving within your fitness. Having one end goal is great, but having mini victories along the way can help you feel positive about your journey so far and how it will continue.

4. Join a fitness class
Joining a class at your local gym can be a good way to kick-start your fitness goals, especially if you’re just starting out. Most gyms offer a variety of different classes such as HIIT, kickboxing, pilates and more, each one is unique and brings something new every time. Having a fitness instructor will be there to support you on your journey, whether it’s fitness or fat burn you’re focused on. You are likely to be surrounded by people who have similar fitness goals to you, which can boost your confidence knowing you’re not alone and can share this journey with others. Having people around you can help motivate you to stick with the workout until the end.

5. Create a workout playlist
Having a killer workout playlist can work wonders to keep you pumped and motivated at the gym. Picking out some songs which are fast paced and upbeat will you get you in that mood and ready to go. Having a selection of some motivational songs that inspire you to get moving can be good too.