Find 20-30 minutes in your day to step outside your front door with the challenge of finding the hardest way to travel and you will come back feeling super strong and fit! Or if you haven’t got a block, find the nearest park or space that can give you about a 1 mile distance to travel. This workout will test your strength, power, cardio, co ordination and strengthen your mind. So lets go!

The Walking Lunge

This is a very challenging lower body exercise recruiting all of your muscle fibres in your legs. Take a large step forward, sinking down into the middle, keeping your back upright. Alternate your legs travelling forwards around the block! You may do anything from 300-500 lunges in one go.

Dumbbell Walking

Power walk around your block or space using the weights by curling up, working the biceps or alternating with shoulder press, lateral raise or other upper body exercises you like to use. But remember; keep walking!!!

20 Steps and 20 Press ups

You probably have guessed…take another walk around the block and count 20 steps then straight down into 20 press ups. Continue this pattern until you are back to the beginning of your block.

Jumping Squats

The last trip around the block you will be squatting then jumping forwards as your rise. Remember to keep your bottom back and knees in line with toes to prevent injury.

Once you have completed all these exercises you would travel the distance of about 1 mile. A great, Low cost, efficient workout. Why not try it out.

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