For as long as people have been working out in health clubs, there remains the long lasting myth that cardio is the best form of exercise for keeping trim! However, while in the gym, check the guys out and see how many you actually find sweating using the cross trainer or treadmill. With times changing, we are seeing more women in the weights area, but for a long time (and still today) the majority of men understand the benefits of heavy weights to sculpture a lean body without bulking up in muscle size.

Doing less reps with heavy resistance will burn double the amount of calories than higher reps and lighter weights. So, for all the women out there, wanting to lift weights, you will definitely not get arms the same size as Arnold Schwarzenegger when working with resistance. The female population do not have enough anabolic hormones to build excessive muscle. Exercises such as; single arm row, power clean and press, pull ups, leg press, overhead squats are a great choice to include in your workout as well as the usual cardiovascular training you do on the treadmill bike, rower or cross trainer!

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Women Weight Training