Beyond the Equipment - Part 2

A series of posts from Solutions by Gymkit UK exploring the importance of other factors in the environment of your fitness facility, creating a customer experience guaranteed to keep members returning.

We received a great reaction from the first part of our Beyond the Equipment series in which we explored just a few of the factors members of your gym are starting to identify as key to their experience.

 It is important as well that we are all agreed visiting the gym is not just about working out for many now. It is the experience, from the moment those automatic doors roll open and the cool breeze of a fresh air conditioning unit hits your face (no one wants to feel like they’re walking into the armpit of a weightlifter after all). The list continues!

Changing Room Extras

solutions by gymkit uk changing room including integrated hair dryers

Changing room extras can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. They do not have to cost the earth for you, a gym owner to install and maintain but add massively to the user experience. For many, the gym is the first port of call before starting their day and so the ability to dry their hair before work or charge their phone after an intense workout is a luxury many expect. Could your gym benefit from something as simple as integrated hairdryers, easy access charging points, speakers and lighting to set a relaxing post-workout atmosphere or even something more premium like complimentary towels or a swimsuit drying facility for those wanting to offer the high-end health club experience?

Feeling Safe

Beyond the equipment also incorporates how your members and the facilities are cared for. Any gym worth its weight in dumbbells will have all of its equipment regularly serviced from its install onwards. Utilising a service team trained by the manufacturers & with a strong roster of clients will ensure you are keeping your members safe.

Gymkit UK, for example, are the preferred gym equipment servicing company for many of the UK’s leading health club chains, Local Authorities, Trusts and emergency services such as Cambridgeshire Police. We see this along with the fact our Gym Equipment Servicing Team are trained directly by many of the UK's leading gym equipment manufacturers as a safety net we can offer you that extends to those using your facility.

Toilet Cubicles fit for Purpose

solutions by gymkit uk integrated toilet cubicle solution

In Part 1 we mentioned the role well designed and equipped shower cubicles can play in improving the user experience at your gym. The same is true for toilet cubicles. Easy to get wrong, toilet cubicles can be cramped and lack the basics required for a sanitary experience. Design your toilet cubicles to be users friendly, easy to clean and with everything a visitor needs to come out feeling fresh. Your gym interior supplier should be able to give you advice so nothing is missed here.

Solutions by Gymkit UK offer a full range of washroom furniture and sanitary ware from IPS (integrated panel system) to conceal pipework and cisterns, to stylish urinals, WCs, and integrated sinks and taps that come with a huge range of design and price options. What's more, it's important to ensure your toilet cubicles complement the rest of your changing room. Our washroom products can be chosen to match the lockers, changing room benches and vanities for a seamless look throughout.

And What About Next Level Equipment?

Solutions by gymkit uk queenax space saving functional workout solution

This one is a little bit equipment related but it's also about your club being able to offer that extra level of workout facility when space might be more of a premium. Solutions like Queenax are designed to meet the problems and needs of space inside clubs. It was conceived to accommodate new trends, such as suspension and functional training. With Queenax the space around you becomes a tool: ceiling, floor and walls become new partners. Less of an equipment-related point, more of an experience building opportunity to forward your members!  

No sales, No Pressure

Just a quick note on something that can ruin that all important atmosphere we worked hard to build in part 1. We all appreciate the importance of upselling in your gym. You want your members to know what more you can do to help reach their workout goals. Just be considerate of the journey they are taking when they enter your facility. Are they more likely to want to be bombarded with information as they enter, ready to workout, or afterwards when they’ve got the craving for more?

Be strategic in how you present extra facilities, utilise digital channels like social media and email to build awareness and be as unobtrusive as possible to those who are coming for one reason only, to kick your gym's ass!

For more information on how Solutions by Gymkit UK can assist in building your gym and an experience for your members, contact us today or start your project now.