Right people, Halloween is here! You’ve got two approaches: 

1. Sit at home and eat the kids trick or treat sweeties whilst watching the standard Halloween film on ITV. 

2. Get shredded and look sexy.

I’m going to assume you want the second option. Yes?  Right, time to get serious.

1. Go out and get yourself a pumpkin.
2. Draw a funny face on your pumpkin; it’s the Halloween law
3. Get your workout gear on:

- String vest
- Short shorts
- Sports trainers
- Head band
- Wrist band
- Can of whoop ass

Geared up? Time to get more serious. 

The Workout:

1. 60 Second Plank, with your forearms on the pumpkin


2. 40 Pumpkin Sumo Squats


3. 45 Press Ups, with your hands on the pumpkin


4. Shoulder press the pumpkin 50 times


5. 40 sit ups…. You guessed it, with a pumpkin


6. 40 front lateral raise’s


7. Ab conditioning. Switch on beast mode; we’re finishing hard. Grab a partner willing or not and ask them nicely to drop the pumpkin on your stomach from a low height (that part is optional!), do a crunch in-between reps. Do 25 of these.  (In some cases the pumpkin can break but this is no excuse to stop, man up and carry on) 


You are allowed rests during sets but the aim is to try and complete the workout as fast as possible, whilst maintaining perfect form. Now, if you can complete this challenge in less than 20 minutes then you have permission to claim that you are Gymkit certified in Craig’s 300 pumpkin challenge.

Good luck.

This article was written by Craig - eBay manager for Gymkit UK - Find him on Google+