Crossfit or crossfit style workouts in the gym are ever growing in popularity. It is one of the latest trends to hit the fitness industry. People love crossfit because of the buzz they get from the gruelling high intensity workout they follow. People relish knowing they are working and training hard. Obviously you will be burning calories; however can this type of exercise be used for long term results? Arguably, not. With such high intensity these workouts require massive commitment and motivation. The biggest concern is the higher risk in this way of training. To lose weight, rather than wake up and be determined to do a massively hard workout, your first thought should be to dedicate your mind to eating healthy for the day ahead. Good nutrition will give you 80% of your results and a mere 20% can be credited to exercise. Having a mix of crossfit workouts and lesser impact or vigorous sessions is far better and will make you adhere to exercise long term with the variety and feeling like you have achieved something in your workout without the risk of injury.

Cross-fitters use complex lifts, with heavy weights. The theory behind crossfit is great. High intensity and short workouts. However, this comes with your next crossfit session look at the technique of each repetition. I am sure you will see some positions that are detrimental to the knees or back and in another class or workout argue actually if one repetition counts as one!

For weight loss, there is no need to exercise with these risks. A basic programme of 6-8 exercises will be as effective. Obviously changing in time the weights, repetitions and modify the exercise for progression. We will always see the latest way of exercising or the latest class in our gym to keep people motivated. But also to keep the members needing to pay for a teacher. When really a good instructor will ensure you are performing exercises with perfect form and the right weight.

I am not disregarding crossfit. A week with variety is great. But for those of you reading this blog have a look at your goals and understand how you will get there. Understand for weight loss actually your diet plays a far bigger role than exercise and if you want to be fit and healthy in years to come maybe it is best to choose safe and effective workouts.

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