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In our modern age, time is valuable. We don’t have hours to spend in the gym, and we certainly don’t have hours to meticulously plan your workouts. So when it comes to burning fat and working off those extra weekend treats, what is the better go to remedy: cycling or running?

Whether you’re stepping into a gym or want to enjoy some exercise outdoors - are you better off cycling or going for a run?

Benefits of running over cycling

If you’re looking at just burning calories - running always wins over cycling. Despite this, it can be harder to perform and you are at more risk. Don’t let this deter you though, as there can be many benefits to running and different variations to mix things up.

Hill sprints and hill training in general can be amazing for your cardio and exerting energy - not only releasing the endrophines so internally you can feel good and acknowledge you’ve done a great workout; but it also helps with calf strength, speed and balance.

Best of all, you can do it virtually anywhere.

Benefits of cycling over running

If you want to get fit fast, say hello to a set of two wheels as soon as you can. Whilst running is good for a little warm up, it’s hard to push yourself and (as you can imagine) it’s a lot easier to stop - especially if you’re just on a treadmill.

Compared to running, cycling is low impact, which means a less chance of hurting yourself (or injury) and means you and keep going for longer. Running can lead to muscle soreness and doesn’t allow you to max out your stamina - cycling allows you to max out your legs whilst sitting down.

Similarly, if you want to build muscle, running can’t help (but it doesn’t reduce gains like many bodybuilders or bro-science experts would have you believe). Cycling helps generate power from your glutes,m quads and hamstrings - the more you work them, the more there’s going to be a pump, increasing the likelihood of muscle growth.

Cycling vs. running - the winner

Whist running is cheaper and does have some advantages, for overall weight loss, a better aesthetic physique and improved cardio, cycling is your go to exercise. See it as stamina training 101.

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Keep in mind that running, nor cycling, are enough to lose your gut, but both will certainly help. Neither form a complete workout, and both really only work on the lower half of your body. However, if your sole goal is to burn some calories - get on that treadmill and turn up the tempo. Destination, sweat city.

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