If you’re thinking about doing some weightlifting exercises either at home or at the gym, you may be wondering what the different types of equipment are and which ones you should be using, especially if you’re new to this kind of exercise. In this blog we’re going to reveal whether you should use a dumbbell or a barbell when starting out.

What is a barbell?

If you’ve ever seen competitive or Olympic weightlifting then you will have seen a barbell in action. A barbell is essentially a long metal bar with discs of varying weights attached at either end. They are used for heavy duty weightlifting exercises that engage the whole body. Barbells are usually picked up from the ground and can be lifted above the head. Depending on the weights used, this can take an enormous amount of strength and grit determination.

You can use a range of weights, and buy both straight and curled bars which are designed to be ergonomic.

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What is the difference between a dumbbell and a barbell?

Instead of a long metal pole, a dumbbell is designed to be held and lifted with a single hand. They offer the same shape, they are just smaller and a convenient item to have at home as they take up much less space than a barbell.

Dumbbells are used to exercise the muscles in the arms and are a great way to develop your biceps. An advantage of dumbbells over barbells is that they offer a more versatile workout that challenges your muscles and improves flexibility.

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Should I use a dumbbell or barbell?

It’s up to you which one you want to use, but we tend to recommend dumbbells for beginners. Not only are they less intimidating than the barbell, they are also a great way to build your strength and prepare your body for a more heavy duty workout. It may be worth attending a few gym sessions or following a trusted online coach to get the most out of your weightlifting exercises and ensure you are using the equipment correctly.

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