Fasted Cardio has actually been round for a long time. Today it is becoming increasingly popular to exercise in this state to reduce body fat. There are pro’s and con’s to this way of exercising just as there is with fasting diets. If you are thinking of training in this way you need to understand what exactly fasted cardio is.

Fasted cardio does not mean that you are exercising on an empty stomach. Just because you exercise without a meal or eating doesn’t mean your body will be reacting as it should to this type of training. When you consume food your body will take time digest what has been eaten. The food we eat instantly gets broken down into smaller molecules allowing all the nutrition and waste to be transported to the right areas in the right way around our body. The hormone Insulin, is affected by the amount of sugar that is realised from the broken down food into our blood stream. Levels can peak and trough. Even if the last time you ate was 3 hours ago your body may still be digesting food. With fasted cardio it is not about not eating but ensuring you exercise once there is no more digestion taking place and that your insulin levels are at base level.

When the Insulin levels are high your body will not burn fat. Instead the fuel will come from carbohydrate and proteins. When the levels are low is when your body will start using the fat reserves for fuel as there is no more carbohydrates or proteins available.

Fasted cardio is great for targeting stubborn fat especially in the abdominal region. Although weight loss always comes down to creating a calorie deficit.