With the Ski season on us maybe it s time to tailor your training towards ski fitness! if you are planning on hitting the slopes. There are hundreds of exercises to get you ski fit, but in this article we look at how the TRX can help you train towards your specific fitness goal.

Skiing creates a lot of impact on your joints so it is important to build your cardio and leg strength to help the transition from the gym/training room to the slopes. Hopefully by following these suggested exercises you will ski for longer and reduce the risk of any injuries.

TRX front squats. This exercise is great for strengthening your leg muscles used for skiing and replicates the action as you do while taking your hips, knees and ankles through the skiing motion.

TRX Side Plank. Fantastic for strengthening your core to help you assist with the turns in your skiing. With this exercise you are training your oblique muscles which will keep you strong in your twisting and turning during your skiing.

Squat Jump

This is a high intensity exercise getting you ready for the intensity involved in skiing. This exercise will add strength to your body making you able to ski for longer without fatiguing.

TRX Lunge

Great for balance and can challenge your body by making you gain control of the movement-crucial for any skier. Your core also becomes engaged in this exercise which is an extra advantage in keeping you stable.

Try performing each exercise for a set number of reps e.g. 15-20 or a set time e.g. 30 seconds moving straight on to the next one. After completing the circuit, catch your breath and repeat 2-3 times.

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