Group cycling is still popular in studios across the UK. Classes vary from pre choreographed workouts to more instructor led classes. Usually these types of classes last for 45 minutes but a short 30 minute intense blast will still have you dripping with sweat, legs pumped and red in the face!

It doesn’t matter if you have had years of group cycling or if you are just about to ride the bike for the first time. We all need reminding on how to use the bike correctly. In every class not matter what you are taking part in, a good instructor should always ask if there is anyone new and also ensure everyone is set up correctly ready to begin a safe and effective workout.

The Studio bike does require some time for the initial set up, but once you have everything in the correct position the bike will usually have numbers to help you remember the settings.

The first part of the bike to adjust is the seat height. Under the saddle you can usually find a catch or dial. By loosening this you can hold on to the saddle and lift it higher or lower. The saddle needs to be just below the hip bone so that when you are seated your knee has a slight bend. The saddle will also have an adjustment to slide forward and back so that when you are in the riding position you have a slight bend in the elbows. You do not want to be over reaching or too upright.

Once seated, you will then need to look at the handle bar height. Underneath the handlebars just like the saddle you will find a dial, Loosen or turn this to lift the bars higher or lower so they are just above the saddle height. It is important to have the handlebars in the correct position to reduce the strain in the back and neck.

If you are not wearing proper cycling shoes ensure the safety strap is tightened across the top of your foot. Ensure once your foot is in the pedal that the ball of your foot is positioned in the centre.

Once set up on your bike in the correct way your will enjoy a smooth comfortable ride. Your hips will not rock side to side. Throughout the class keep your chest lifter and head held high. It is very common to look down during the class. You need to keep your chest expanded to breathe more oxygen in to those working muscles.