Gym goers and keen exercisers will have their weekly workouts or training plans scheduled and ready to start on a Monday morning. However sometimes when your week doesn’t go to plan you may want to have a backup plan so that whatever you were supposed to be doing does not turn into not doing anything. Having a quick workout rolled up your sleeve works well if suddenly one day you are struggling to fit your planned workout in.

If you struggle to fit in your chosen 60 minute workout you could try doing your run, walk or mixture of exercises by breaking this time up. Do 20 minutes in the morning followed by 20 minutes at lunch or slightly more in the evening. Mix it up to accommodate whatever you have going on in the particular day.

Turn a 20 minute workout into 20 minutes of intense exercise. High Intensity interval training works wonders on your stamina. With a quick warm up working at this rate for 15 minutes will give you plenty of what you would expect from your workout.

Infact, if you enjoy running, by doing even a 5-10 minute run if your body is used to exercising this way will allow your body to tap into the fat stores. Understanding that doing something is better than nothing will keep you working towards your goals and maintaining the level of fitness you have managed to build up to.