So you've toiled and sweated at the gym for the best part of the year, charged around the sports field, calorie counted and limited the alcohol. Now it's holiday time. Everyone needs a break and a time to relax yet the fact is a vacation can undo much of your hard work. Reduced exercise, fatty and abundant holiday food and a higher alcohol intake than normal can leave the health conscious sweating with anxiety.

A holiday does not have to mean a slide into portly slovenliness however. By choosing carefully you can find great destinations which will give you that breath of fresh air and compliment your healthy lifestyle. There are dedicated, all inclusive gym holidays all over the world, but as this is a vacation forget the gym and sample some great outdoor activities. 

One destination that comes up repeatedly when you search for health and fitness breaks is Thailand. Famed for healthy, low fat food and martial arts, as well as a climate that will leave you feeling content and relaxed a holiday in Thailand will keep you well-nourished and fit. You can also experience meditation and massage which will relax your mind and body.

Why not sample a whole new way of exercising? We all know how great swimming is so how about a surfing holiday? Hawaii is just one location that is offering fantastic package deals where you can learn to surf as well as enjoying the fantastic local climate and culture.

Staying in the water and keeping on the subject of developing new skills, how about a scuba holiday? Destinations as far removed as Egypt and Bora Bora offer the chance for you to stay active and interact with nature in a new and exciting ways whilst on holiday.

Nowadays even that mecca of hedonism Las Vegas can boast health spas and dedicated hotels designed to help you stay active so there is really no excuse to undo your healthy lifestyle no matter where you go. Happy holidays!

Written by Howard Braband - Find me on Google+