Now that Summer is passing, we go from the bikini body to now trying to achieve the little black dress count down. There is always something to spur you on, but keeping fit and eating healthy should not be hard work. Everything in moderation brings a balanced approach to reaching your goals.

If you are a current gym user or you keep up to date with the latest trend, reading fitness magazines within seconds the word HITT workout or HIIT training is what we are seeing and being told and instructed in almost every workout. This buzz word is everywhere and seems to be the recommended solution for every person. This high intensity way of training becomes the one type of exercise that suits all. As regular gym goers of exercisers read and are told more and more about how to train, the clubs then give the consumers what they want by putting on more of these classes or the trainers programming these workouts. It is so crucial to remember that safety comes first. The high intensity way of training produces fantastic results but should be performed with rest days in between and is not to be done all the time.

HIIT should consist of short high intensity intervals and the workout overall should be shorter and performed fewer times in one week. The intervals do not have to be based on jumping the whole time. Any exercise or movement that overloads the heart and lungs works.

Just remember low and moderate intensity workouts are still beneficial. A good mix and variety in your weekly workouts will keep your motivation and help you adhere to your regime towards the little black dress!