Kettlebells and medicine balls are the ideal tools for fat burning workouts. You need to ensure you get the weights right so that they provide enough overload to challenge your muscles and cardiovascular system. The weight also needs to be light enough for you to carry out high repetitions and a quick pace allowing you to maintain correct form throughout the exercise. Straight circuits are a good example of how to incorporate these training tools, so that there is minimum equipment, allowing you to move quickly to the next exercise, keeping your heart rate up and the intensity high. When organising your circuit, for this type of training it is important to select exercises that work best together. Putting similar exercises back to back is great for fatigue but if you want to keep working this will only tire you and prevent you from working out longer. Here is an example of a circuit using a Kettlebell and medicine ball. Try doing 3 circuits in total. Progressing from 20-30 then down to 15 reps.

Kettlebell swings

Wall Ball shots

Waiters Walk

Under the leg kettlebell lunges

Sit up to over head press

Goblet Squat

Lateral Jump

Farmers Walk

Press ups