Blast your lower abs

The lower abdominal area is one of the hardest parts of our body to get into shape. When working with resistance, it is recommended that we rest 24-48 hours between working the same muscle again. However, abdominal muscles are different. We can train these every day! A great way to train your stomach muscles is to pick about six exercises and perform up to 30 reps for each one. But try doing this without resting in between. You can train your abs with or without using a machine. Equipment such as the decline bench, a flat bench, or a roman chair can be used to spice your workout up if you are in a gym, or other core exercises such as the plank or ‘frogs legs’ can be done by just laying on the floor!

A large proportion of the male and female gym users would like to improve their core strength. This will not develop with a simple 5 minutes of ab curls at the end of your workout. A significant amount of your time should be spent on abdominal exercises to get a great result. There are three areas of your abdominal region that you need to train, Upper, lower and the oblique section. The upper and lower abs are the same muscle but need to be trained differently. Usually any ab exercise that moves the top part of your torso will be working the upper abs and any exercise moving the legs towards your lower abs is training this specific area.

Another great tip for great abs is ‘train yourself in the kitchen too’ you will need a low level of body fat to even recognise all your hard training into the stomach area. Plus improve your posture all day long by pulling your stomach in. This too will be giving you an all day workout!

Ensure with any exercise you perform it correctly, only move the parts of your body that should be moving. If using weights or purely moving your torso. Lift up quickly and follow down slowly- work against gravity. Try not to rest between reps when working your abs. Keep these muscles under constant tension. Finally it will help if you feel the ab that you are working to really focus on what the muscle is doing.

Here are six ab exercises we recommend you to try; Frogs legs, Incline leg raise, bench knee ups, supported straight leg lift, swiss ball lift, forward – legs swiss roll

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