A tip for building power in your lower body- build power from the ground, the weights will feel heavy but the result will be fast! To build a great lower body physique requires hormones and the heaviest weights you can lift. When you are working on your legs and glutes there is a huge spike in testosterone which will help bulk up your whole body. Because these are large muscles too it will increase your metabolism which will help give you the definition for all your hard work. We look at some of the exercises that will get you every drop of the hormone you need your body to produce for those thirsty muscles.

The more weight you lift will in turn gain you more muscle size, however you need to get the basics right first to ensure you are lifting safely. Using a barbell a Back Squat is one of the first fundamental exercises. With the back squat rest the bar on your upper back with your feet hip distance apart. Hold the bar in a grip where ever it is comfortable. As you lower to the ground push your hips back keeping your chest lifted. Make sure your knees stay in line with your toes and don’t round your back.

Another great exercise is the deadlift. This is a full body move which also helps to build power and endurance. Again, using a barbell keep your heels firmly on the ground. Keeping the hips back bend down maintaining a neutral spine with an overhand grip take hold of the bar. As you drive up push your hips forward and straighten your knees. As you come to a standing position give your glutes a good squeeze and move your hips back to lower the bar. Always keep the bar close to your body.

The Split Squat.. You can build greater core strength and overall balance by splitting the squat movement. Basically you start in the squat position. Take a step back with your left leg so that the weight is going through the heel of your front foot. Lower your hips keeping your front knee in line with your toe. Once you have moved forward on one leg, repeat by alternating legs.

Holding the barbell in different positions can also add another variable to your workout, for example, with your back squat try a front squat! Exactly the same as a basic squat but this time the bar is held above your chest and across the shoulders. This type of squat doubles up as an Ab exercise too.  Your core has to work a lot harder to stabilise the bar. The Zercher squat makes you hold the bar closer to your centre of gravity. By holding the bar in the crook of your elbows squeezing them to a lock position will allow you to sink deeper for greater muscle activation. You also have the over head squat. This is a very demanding squat due to the co ordination, the amount of strength you need in your legs and the mobility you need in your joints. Not only do you work your legs, you sneak in some upper body work too!

So, as you can see, we have listed only a handful of great lower body booster exercises. After 6 weeks of following a programme you can change purely the position of your weights to create a whole new experience for your muscles.

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