Which Medicine Ball?

Medicine balls come in various forms. Some are soft and made of rubber, others are hard and may have a bigger bounce. Therefore you can find the right ball for the type of training you want to do. Using a medicine ball such as the Dynamax can really help your explosive performance, whereas choosing a ball such as the Ugi you can use like a stability ball and use for balance as well as core and explosive movements.

Some balls will have actual handles to grip, others wont. You can also select how heavy the ball is as well to suit your level of fitness. Going right back to the ancient greek times, weighted balls were used for strength and conditioning this way of exercising has therefore been with us for many many years. The main benefit with using a medicine ball is the amount of power you can gain during your exercise. 

Therefore, the more power you have the more force you can exert. Many Athletes and sports people will be using a medicine ball for sports specific exercises for this very reason. Another great benefit to using a medicine ball is a lot of the exercises are interactive. You can use a Personal training tool or just with a partner or a small group. It can make your exercise fun! The list is endless with the various movements/exercises you can do using a medicine ball. As one piece of equipment which in expensive with some creativity you can develop so many types of training plans.

Use a ball for a core work out, include it in a Hiit workout, use it as an actual weight for your squats, your shoulder press and other common free weight exercises. You can even use medicine balls to help you stretch. We think medicines balls are a great addition to your workout and give you another dimension to your plan no matter if you are a beginner or a professional sports person.