Gravity compresses our spinal discs together. This is the main cause of back pain. Imagine squeezing a sponge which is left with no water, this is a similar effect to our discs when gravity keeps on compressing on our back. The discs become dehydrated which make the vertebra become closer together. Our bodies will then start showing symptom’s of nerve pain, decreased flexibility and for our spine to become misaligned. By the time you reach seventy the average person is two cm shorter due to this compression, clearly illustrating that you cannot just feel the effects of the gravity compressing us, but you can actually see this happening too!

Inversion Therapy such as using a Teeter inversion table or taking part in anti gravity yoga can help the spine and joints to decompress. This type of therapy doesn’t take long either. Using a Teeter just and inverting to a small angle of twenty to ninety degrees for just a few minutes everyday allows the spine and weight bearing joints to decompress and rejuvenate.

There is no miracle for back pain, but just as you brush your teeth, take a shower, looking after your back on a daily basis can help manage and prevent back pain. Taking anti inflammatory and other pain relief may make it easier for you to carry out daily tasks with back complaints however; this does not get to the route of the problem and the last resort for anyone suffering should be surgery. Teeter conducted some research with Newcastle University to reveal some promising alternatives to back surgery. By using the Teeter table over a period of time the study showed 70.5 percent of these patients were less likely to require back surgery for sciatica than patients who practiced more general types of physical therapy.

Using an inversion table like Teeter becomes a very gentle way to target back pain at its local source it can also help care for all the weight-bearing joints. Inverting encourages fluid and nutrition to the soft tissue of the joints, improving shock absorption and lubrication.

Inversion tables are very cost effective and may well be the solution to caring for your back and in the long run less money being spent or other costly therapies.