Gymkit UK are back from Manchester after an eye opening weekend at the OM Yoga show!!! After the success of London last year we decided to launch the Shashi cool feet socks to the Yoga crowd up North!

We certainly got a lot of attention and even the Yogi’s loved our socks. Although not every yoga enthusiast likes to wear socks we still appealed to the crowds that came past our stand. Everyone loved the sparkle! It was great to see there wasn’t another barefoot sock like ours at the show!

As I was standing the stand, quite often I would get a cheeky wave from someone in the open Yoga classes waving their thumbs up to their new purchase. I love it when the look of the sock lives up to how functional the socks are as well. Nearly everyone we spoke to complained of their barefoot sock they had previously brought from elsewhere moved off their feet during their yoga class. They didn’t like the fuss of them re positioning the seam onto the toes. I know from my own yoga sessions my Shashi socks stay in one place but it is always great to get feedback from every person that buys our socks.

And now, for all the reasons I love Shashi, which is why it is the only barefoot sock we sell know that people think the same. It is great going to these shows, meeting our customers and knowing we are selling a brilliant product. I had instructors that I had met at the IFS in Blackpool 2015 come up to me and say they are still wearing the socks they had bought from me at the show!!! Again, I really appreciated this feedback. Yes, Shashi socks are very high-end, but what great value to be using the same sock a year later!!! I am a firm believer in false economy, a cheaper sock seems to tick less boxes!

We are now set to attend more shows in 2015. With amazing colours, pink, purple, sparkles!!! I am so excited to see what happens next!

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