Peak Pilates PPC3 Course

The Peak Pilates PPC3 is the final stage of the comprehensive Pilates education that we provide. 

Prerequisites: Successful completion of Levels I and II requirements.

Module 1: Advanced Level Mat, Reformer, Cadillac (20 hours) This module completes the lessons on advanced level mat, reformer and Cadillac exercises, teaching transitions and techniques. 

Module 2: Advanced Level Chair, Barrels, Auxiliary Equipment (20 hours) This module completes advanced level exercises with auxiliary equipment and jump board. Students also review case studies, which illustrate the application and value of a classical Pilates program. 

Module 3: Final Comprehensive Assessment (6 hours) This one-day assessment comprises the final Comprehensive Certification assessments including written and practical assessments.

A Peak Pilates Full Comprehensive Certification is awarded to instructors who pass all Level III assessments and complete 60 logged hours.


£1,550 per person, payable in 2 installments

Includes full colour manual plus educational DVD, assessment and certification

For more information or to book please email [email protected]