If you use the gym or train for a sport, the likely chance of you repeating several actions/movements will be high. With constant stress to these joints and muscles it is crucial to look after your body post gym session. This will help you to become stronger and fitter in the long run as you will remain injury free. If you do not look after your body, joints can become stiff and tight, causing less range of movement. Shoulders, back, hips and pelvis can become mis-aligned.

By maintaining your mobility your body will allow you to work with force/weight to improve your strength in a particular area of your body. Performing an exercise with full range of movement is far better than using a heavier weight and not completing the expected range of movement. Without stretching, and the aftercare of your muscles following on from your training the range of motion is compromised, it will stop you from working out to your full capacity.

The warm up is also very important to your training plan. By rehearsing the movement or action rather than jumping straight in to the heavy weights or fastest sprints will allow your joints to loosen. The warm up will also set your mind and prepare your body to give 100% to the exercise it is building up for.

You can add flexibility work into your training session between exercises. Stretches are not necessarily just for pre and post workout. In between exercises you can also add short stretches for the opposing muscle group. For example, after using a bench press consider stretching your upper back. By not neglecting these areas will help you in the long term to lifting heavier weights or working at a higher intensity in the sport or activity you choose.