I am sure many of you reading this will have at some point experienced the pain of getting back into moving after the Christmas break. 

If you suffer with sore muscles after the thrashing you gave the treadmill or your weights workout - you can feel the chest aching from your bench presses it is equally important to massage and continue with light activity to provide temporary relief. Delayed onset muscle fatigue (DOMS) is characterised by soreness in the muscles and decrease range of movement after a strenuous workout. This sensation can last up to three or four days and can make further exercise very uncomfortable. 

The pain is a result of microscopic tears in your muscle tissue that is a result from exercise. This may sound damaging but this is actually your body's natural response to exercise and will actually help you become fitter and stronger. It is actually the hours and days following your workout when the body recovers and adapts repairing the damaged muscle fibres.  

Overtime your body will progress and you will see signs of better strength, range of movement and general fitness. 

So if you are in pain from working out light activity and massage is far better than doing nothing. Try the less intense option or even 10 minutes of self massage and discover the relie in the muscle soreness immediately which will then help you in your next training session.

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