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If you want to start running, the best form of training can be getting out there, outside in the fresh air! The treadmill is great for building up running fitness, interval training and incline running is created through a push of a button. Treadmill running can also increase your speed by helping you power through your stride. With a time counter and distance tracker your workout can be easily monitored and progressed but there is nothing like getting outside in the real world.

Running can be free! And you can run anywhere be it at home or on holiday.  Running also brings major health benefits such as reducing the risk of chronic illness like heart disease, type 2 diabetes and a stroke. The fresh air will boost your mood and is great for keeping your weight under control. Like any exercise worth doing it does not come easy. Whether you have tried and failed in the past or running for the first time, here are some helpful tips on how to get started and get results.

These can be applied to running outside or in your health club.

1.     Start off slowly. Try not to push yourself too soon e.g increasing your pace or distance.  Find your comfortable running pace which means at the end of your run you are not ready to collapse, but you know the pace you run at is achievable and you can sustain it. A good intensity indicator is the talk test. You need to run at a level you can still chat to friends. If you can’t do this then you are running too fast and you need to slow down. This is a sign or your heart rate being too high.

2.     Well fitted trainers are essential. It is worth going to a proper running shop where someone can look at your stride and suggest the correct foot ware. Whether running inside or out if running frequently, this can prevent injuries or restrictions.

3.     Never stop! This is where running outside has an advantage over the treadmill. That stop button is very easy to hit! When running outside where you stop will make you want to stop in the same place on your next run. Try giving yourself landmarks such as running to the next tree. If you keep going and want to stop again always look for the next landmark. If you do eventually have to stop, keep walking, never completely stop. This will mentality help you run further distances.

4.     Running won’t provide you with all the fitness you need. You still have to work on your core and leg strength. Leg extensions, Hamstring curl, dumbbell lunges and single leg squats are good examples of some lower body exercises. Working your legs one at a time will also improve your strength evenly rather than your stronger leg over compensating. Bosu balls, stability balls and basic mat exercises can be put together to create a challenging abdominal workout  as well.

5.     And if you want to become great at running try following the ten percent rule. This state’s you should never increase your weekly mileage by more than 10 percent from week to week.

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