This weekend Gymkit UK are very excited to be exhibiting at the OM Yoga show in Manchester. Following the London success in 2014 we thought it would be a great opportunity to exhibit the cool feet Shashi Socks and the fabulous UGi balls up North!

We love Shashi socks. If you are a yoga or Pilates enthusiast you will know that some of the holds and poses are hard to maintain with a slippery surface beneath your feet. Not to mention the hygiene factor, especially if your class is being held in a multi-purpose studio/village hall where people are wearing their outdoor shoes! It has also been proven that flooring in areas such as a studio is writhe for germs and bacteria due to the warm temperatures and moisture given off during exercise. A bare foot sock must surely become like a trainer is to a runner?

Shashi socks as well as other leading brands out there are all set to perform pretty much the same; increase your stability through the class. After trialling many yoga socks we finally found Shashi to be our firm favourite.

Shashi is an American brand and we love it! Why? The fit is perfection. Most bare foot socks fit both feet. The draw back to this is that when you are moving your feet, sometimes the sock can move around. This can be very distracting when holding a pose, if you have to adjust the seam around your toes. Shashi conveniently has a left and a right foot which gives the ultimate snug fit! When wearing these socks once they are on they stay where they should!

There are also so many socks out there where the grip sticks to the floor. With the Shashi grip this doesn’t happen. We found the grip phenomenal. The other functional point that puts Shashi into a league of their own is the patented material. Every sock is carefully hand made out of wicking fibre! Most bare foot socks are made with cotton and polyester. With wicking fibre the moisture is drawn away from your skin allowing the feet to stay cool throughout your class. The crafty mesh top with all Shashi socks is such a clever and unique idea. Getting more air to the feet also helps them to stay fresh and cool, meaning if you wanted to keep these socks on as normal sock straight from your class you can!

The final icing on the cake is the complete look of Shashi socks. Very stylish and cool. High end and designer. We could not find a comparison to these socks. If you want to be different to anyone else in your class these are very unique. 

To view our range of Shashi socks, please click here.