Whether you like to use the treadmill, bike or cross trainer there are many benefits to dropping the intensity down and working at a lower heart rate. Here are just a few reasons why this type of training can benefit your health and fitness.

Not only will you be using body fat as your primary energy source, this type of training can be used from the complete beginner to the body builder. This is a superb way of training for the overweight people who may not have the stamina or the mobility at first or the body builders that want to preserve lean muscle mass to get rid of any excess fat.

Not all workouts especially high impact such as running on the treadmill can be good for you. Try to mix your sessions up. This way slowing down can reduce the impact on your knees and hips. The bike is a great workout for non impact and by using some fast intense workouts with slower and less intense will really help you avoid over training or getting injured. Plus variety in your workouts will keep you interested.

However, slowing your workouts down will mean spending longer in the gym. Try choosing one cardio machine and stay on it for 45 minutes -1 hour for optimum results. Fantastic for your actual stamina and really makes this a workout everyone can use.

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