Exercise in any shape or form can help reduce stress levels. Your body naturally releases endorphins which can help take away daily stresses and strains.

Many people struggle to find the time to exercise. Most see exercising as a commitment of three times a week for an hour. For simply reducing stress and anxiety levels this doesn’t have to be the case. Actually any form from yoga to aerobics, a walk in the fresh air to dancing, all these activities will naturally release endorphins, our body’s natural feel good factor. If you are one of these people that are stressed and have little time that the thought of taking part in exercise becomes a stress because it is another pull on your time then maybe thinking of exercise in a different way will seem less stressful. By realising the connection between exercise and stress reduction it can soon become part of your daily tonic or stress reduction plan.

Taking part in exercise will improve your overall health and well being. When taking part in these activities it allows you to forget about certain stresses acting as an excellent way to clear the mind and is a good distraction. Your mood will become so much better. People that exercise have better self- esteem and generally are more positive. The after affects or post workout will promote a calmer mind too.

There are so many ways to keep active besides the gym. The most important factor is to enjoy what ever you choose to keep you exercising so that you can stick to being healthy and active in the long term.