Get Ready for Summer!

Summer is now here and generally I am hearing a lot of conversations about wanting to lose half a stone before going away on holiday or getting into better shape to feel more confident in the flesh baring clothes. Here are some ideas to get you closer to feeling confident this summer!!

If you are a keen exerciser now is the time to refresh and step up the workouts. This doesn't have to mean spending hours in the gym or becoming a slave to exercise. If you follow the correct routine you can manage to sculpt and shape your muscles as well as lose body fat in as little as 10 minutes a day. Base your exercises that are efficient by selecting compound exercises where you are working more than one muscle at the same time. Following the correct programme will not only get your body burning calories during exercise you will also get the 'after burn' and increase your metabolism throughout the day.

Cardio exercises will get your muscles moving. No matter what form you choose either running, swimming, cycling there are certain principles of training you can follow. Interval training helps to increase fitness levels by alternating high and low intensity effort. Doing a warm up followed by just 20 minutes of interval training will really help burn fat. For overall calorie burn you can also aim for a distance. This type of training aim to do 30-60 minutes of a steady pace. Then every 2 weeks you can gradually increase the distance by adding on an extra 5 minutes. Tempo training is a great combination of interval and distance. With this principle aim to do 2 to 3 ten minute efforts where you are working harder than you would on your distance training. After each set rest so that you are fully recovered and repeat.

Finally if you are feeling tired you can always opt for a recovery session. Low intensity, easy workout. This will still boost your circulation and will help your muscles to recover.