Suspension training is becoming increasingly popular in health clubs today. Not only being used for personal training but taking on group exercise as well. Rigs such as the  Queenax have many applications and can be used for pole fitness, 3D fitness, anti Gravity Yoga, to name just a few. Suspension training has been around for a long time being used by gymnasts and other sports and is now appealing to everybody’s workout for time efficient exercises that can challenge many aspects of fitness through a simple movement. For example, you can work, strength, endurance, speed and agility all at the same time. One of the most common piece suspension equipment used in clubs is the TRX.

Not only are the fitness benefits great by using suspension training, the Queenax is a phenomenal piece of equipment in any gym, especially if you have limited space. This one stop area can act as a great storage unit for items such as the Ugi Ball, Kettle Bells, Ropes, Dumbbells, steps etc. You won’t need a studio for circuits; it takes yoga to another level to what you normally see in your local gym. The Queenax and all the add on’s leave only the skill and imagination to create a brilliant group fitness timetable, amazing P.T sessions, creative and quick workouts using just your body weight. Instead of fixed equipment consuming a lot of space to work a single area of the body, it can all be replicated through suspension training using a personas own body weight.

Suspension training exercises can improve surrounding muscle groups creating them to work together, or as a one. Throughout any exercise one of main areas working in functional training is the core, stability, balance, and coordination. This may not be the primary focus but will always be trained as an extra benefit. This is how a personal trainer can programme dynamic exercises to get all the major muscle groups fired up for a quick all round workout.

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