health benefits of eggs

Up until recently, fitness fanatics were dead against eggs. Regarded as carriers of indecent amounts of cholesterol, eggs were regarded as an oppositional to the aim of getting fit. Not anymore. 

What’s changed?

Well, not a lot has changed. People used to avoid eggs as they felt that the amount of cholesterol was particularly unhealthy. These days though, most experts concur with the suggestion that actually it’s saturated and trans fat in your diet that raises your blood cholesterol as opposed to cholesterol found in food.

So why should I eat eggs?

Eggs contain amino acids that are converted to body tissue such as muscle, collagen and skin. Eggs also happen to be just about the most efficient source of amino acids. The correlation between the two tells us that eating eggs is a very good way of getting amino acids into your body.

Rather than being fattening, eggs can actually having a slimming effect when eaten in moderation. For example studies have shown that if one eats eggs for breakfast, they are far less likely to go crazy on the calories during the day. We all know that you need to watch out for saturated fats, but fat in eggs is actually c 75% unsaturated; eating these fats rather than saturated will have a positive impact on your cholesterol.

In terms of building muscle, eggs are a great source of protein containing 6g in the average egg. We know that protein is a vital part of a balanced diet and that eating produce that contains protein will aid your workout regime and help your muscles to repair.

Eggs also contain 13 vitamins and minerals and antioxidants that will assist you in being as healthy as possible. There’s no reason why eggs cannot be an integral part of your fitness regime; as long as they are utilised sensibly and sparingly. 

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