The Queenax multifunctional training frame efficiently is a fab use of space in any gym. It can be used for individual workouts or used in a class or group workout. Adults love the challenge of the ‘monkey bars’ that once was so easy in our primary schools now becomes a challenging task for even the super fit!.

Hanging from the frame you can use many attachments such as the TRX, suspension ropes which is great for targeting any muscle but focuses on tightening the core at the same time. In the space of the Queenax you can throw in all types of equipment to use as a circuit area. You also can work your cardio vascular system by attaching heavy ropes used in a wave action, sounds simple but do this for even 30 seconds and your heart rate will raise sky high.. Later, shuttle runs from one end to the other.

There is endless scope with the Queenax, Your gym or specific area in the gym may never be the same. Offering such versatility to member/clients one circuit or workout is never the same. There could be punch bags hanging, and resistance bands attached endless options as well as other equipment for suspension and functional training.

Before using this amazing piece of equipment we recommend attending a group workout or a couple od sessions with an instructor to get the best use out of your exercises.