Recently voted one of the best dumbbells in the Men's Health Home Gym awards, the Twistlock Adjustable Dumbbells by Stairmaster are favoured for being user-friendly while offering great fitness and muscle building benefits. We’re taking a closer look at this exciting piece of equipment and sharing our top 5 reasons you should choose them for your home workout.

Voted most user-friendly dumbbells by Men’s Health!

In January 2021, the Twistlock Adjustable Dumbbells were voted the most user-friendly by Men’s Health magazine.

With contoured, soft grip handles, highly visible weight selection windows, and the ability to swiftly change the weight without even taking your hands off the handles, these dumbbells are exceptionally easy to use! They are also super comfortable and great for streamlining your performance.

Suitable for users of all levels

From pro to amateur weightlifters, the twistlock dumbbells come with a range of weights from 2kg right up to 20kg. This makes them suitable for all fitness levels.

Smooth and safe adjustment mechanism

Rather than using tricky catches or levers, the Twistlock Adjustable Dumbbells has a smooth twisting mechanism that allows you to go from five pounds to 50 in a snap. The patented TwistLock technology means weight adjustments are quick, easy and super safe. They can only be adjusted when the dumbbell is docked.

Compact design

The compact design makes these dumbbells a great piece of kit to have at home, without cluttering up your space. In fact, the patented design is recognised as one of the most space-efficient adjustable dumbbells available on the market.

Gym quality in your home

The StairMaster engineers and designers aimed to build a dumbbell that offered the same quality as a commercial gym while being compact enough to store at home.

Ideal for drop sets and supersets, these dumbbells offer opportunities to execute a wide range of exercises in the comfort of your own home. Whether you are using a 2kg or 20kg weight, the Twistlock dumbbell offers the same weight sizes you would expect to see in the gym. This offers a great continuity between your gym and home workouts.

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