My husband recently took part in a Tough Mudder course at Burley House in Stamford. This is not something I believe I am cut out for but when watching the participants I realised how great these challenges are and even considered entering one myself. Although they are almightily ‘tough’ it dawned on me that every person taking part had the same goal…to finish! I am sure there were individuals wanting to take first place or be the fastest out of their friends but generally all I saw was fantastic team work where the majority were supporting each other and helping those that were struggling to get over the wall or through a dark tunnel.

My husband is reasonably fit. A 12 mile run was a challenge in itself without the electric shocks, icy cold water and the hills. The Tough Mudder was not just a test of his physical ability but one of mental strength too. Anyone that has participated in something like this is a real hero/heroine. I would say these challenges take pure courage and determination when being taken out of your comfort zone. What was so refreshing to see was although you needed grit to get through this course the amount of fun everyone was having was a pure delight. I felt like I was watching a great adventure. Everyone was working as one team to get through the hardest challenges.. I saw people falling over all time where another guy would hold his handout to pull the fallen one up. Such a selfless act which is what I loved to watch in this type of event. Everyone was helping each other to get through the tough mudder.

And now, my gym has introduced these type of classes into the group fitness timetable. I can see why, it encourages team work, interaction and injects the fun into hard work. I still wonder if I have the mental strength to do what my husband and so many others did. At least I am getting obstacle fit so the only part I would need to conquer is my fears!

Well done to my husband and all the Tough Mudder finishers!