To get the best from your exercise plan, it is recommended that you select just two workouts in a week and stick to this programme for 6-12 weeks. After this time, choose or devise another two workouts. To enable you to progress, the key factor is to increase the intensity through time, duration or the resistance. Not only try changing the exercises but alter the way you train as well. Here we look at some well-known training systems that can devise a fantastic gym workout.

In your workout, you can choose any exercise, for example; kettle bell swings, but select a training systems that will challenge your body differently each time.

Pyramid training is our first example. With every set, the weight increases and at the same time you decrease the number of repetitions. This is an ascending pyramid and is great if you are looking to improve muscular strength.

Drop set is another training system. Rather than stopping the exercise all together when you physically can’t lift another rep, you actually drop the weight right down but continue the reps to really work your muscles to exhaustion. This is another fantastic way to improve strength, however- not great for the ego when you get caught out struggling to lift an abnormally light weight! The key to drop setting is that once your muscles have reached failure; take no longer than 5 seconds to start working at the lighter weight. Any longer and the muscles will already be recovering and the effect will be lost.


Supersets are great for utilising time and maximising your workout and can be used in various ways. Here you perform back to back exercises with no rest. Depending on your overall goal, which will determine the way you choose your exercises. An example of a superset would be a kettle squat jump followed by kettlebell lunge. Or you can use opposing muscle groups like chest and back. Here you would perform a chest press straight into lat pulldown. This will allow your chest to rest while your back muscles are working. Or try using upper body exercises straight into a lower body. Here your upper body will be actively resting while the lower body works.

So even by selecting simple exercises you can see there are a number of ways to turn a simple resistance set in to a more creative and challenging format. 

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