Strength training will have a fantastic impact for triathlon training as long as you carry out the correct exercises in the right way. Strength training can be taken from Yoga to Body pump from Cross fit to functional fitness. When choosing how to strength train, there are a few factors to consider to become even more tri fit.

As with any sport, really conditioning your soft muscle tissue can massively boost your performance. Quite often triathletes become tired, exhausted and have aches and pains as a result of inflamed muscles. Soft tissue and flexibility work will result in a more precise movement. By using a foam roller before training, and working on flexibility will provide the basics of all movements. Without these type of exercises movement can become limite

It is also important to follow a program that is progressive. Even if you feel tired, sore and exhausted after a strength training session, doesn’t actually mean you will be a fitter triathlete. Feeling like this after every workout can put you onto the road of injury. The training program needs to consider the intensity and variety to ensure the quality is there and not just the quantity. If every time the intensity was so high you reached failure the quality may diminish. Other muscles instead of the primary muscles will have to work harder. Technique may be bad causing injuries to follow. Failure is better reached by stopping once you cannot perform the exercise correctly or you cannot complete the exercise without good form.

Simple yet perfect movements can enhance your functional fitness getting you ready to push harder with your swim, bike and run workouts. Ultimately this will improve your overall performance.

By training your core strength this will endeavor your body to move and be worked exactly how it should be. This is integral to any fitness regime. Stability balls, Ugi workouts, Pilates, Yoga are great ways to fire up these essential muscles. Core muscles can be worked not just an isometric way. Functional fitness exercises such as using a TRX Suspension Trainer will constantly be engaging your core muscles even if this isn’t the primary target.