Whether you workout in the gym or at home, this winter weather is hard for your motivation. But if you use a suspension trainer these workouts are quick and will really fire up your muscles to help keep you warm.

The TRX suspension trainer has fronted one of the biggest fitness trends in 2013. It is used by professional athletes, by celebrities and  the general public. The main reason that makes this piece of equipment so fun and appealing to use is its versatility. This functional way of  training using your own body weight as the resistance strengthens and tones you all over. An almighty 300 plus exercises can be performed on this one piece of equipment which means no two workouts need to be the same. … keeping your exercise more interesting.

Like most resistance workouts, this suspensions trainer needs to be used 2-3 times a week to help keep your summer body and the pounds off. A great workout should be performed in a circuit style and repeated four times. Try working for 30 seconds on each exercise moving straight on to the next until you have completed one circuit. Rest, catch your breath and repeat.

The following exercises are an example of a total body TRX workout.

Chest Press, Rotating Lunge, Upright Row, Rear Deltoid flyes.

Throughout this circuit all your stabilising muscles will be worked and it will do wonders for your core stability… and the TRX takes up very little space, so why not pack it in to your weekend or holiday bag to keep you exercising throughout the year!

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