The government recommends that adults should participate in moderate exercise 12 times over a 4 week period. A study carried out by Bristol University revealed that up to 80% of adults do not meet this recommendation and are therefore not getting enough exercise. Moreover, the study showed that better-educated adults that are better-off are more likely to exercise regularly. Those that lived in an area where sports facilities were available also tended to exercise more and the weather affected levels of activity; warm weather making people more likely to exercise. Research such as this is of interest to gym equipment supplier Gymkit UK as their main aim is to help individuals set up their own home gym and subsequently exercise more regularly.

Nicole is an ex-professional dancer and employee at Gymkit UK. She said “These statistics don’t really surprise me as obesity in the UK has risen dramatically. I suspect the percentage was probably even higher before the Olympics inspired people to take up different sports. It’s so easy to use excuses like the weather which is why I think having gym equipment at home is such a good idea. No matter what you look like or what the weather’s like you can do 30 minutes on the treadmill or exercise bike easily.”

Gymkit UK has seen huge success since the business was set up in 2001 by Managing Director Howard Braband. Howard wanted to set up his own home gym but found equipment that was designed for home use and sold by high street retailers inadequate. Gymkit UK now supply second hand gym equipment that is of high quality at affordable prices. One factor that has led to Gymkit UK’s success is increasing cost of gym memberships. In a struggling economy, people aren’t so willing to pay high membership fees and therefore find it far more cost effective to install a home gym. Items that are in highest demand include treadmills, exercise bikes, rowing machines and cross trainers however Gymkit UK sells an extensive range of fitness-related equipment alongside these. Like Nicole Saunders, many of the Gymkit UK employees have a vast fitness background and are therefore equipped to provide knowledge and advice regarding the items that are sold.

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