Hopefully warm sunny days and nights will soon be with us and in preparation we thought it would be a sensible idea to suggest some cool ideas to help you with your exercise!

A great idea is to cool your core body temperature down. By applying ice or a cold flannel to the skin before you start exercising can help by lowering the heart rate! If you like to run outside consider what route you want to go on. Running in woodland is far shadier than road running. Also, keep an eye on the weather forecast. Certain times of the day will be cooler or less humid.

Consider training with a heart rate monitor. The usual speed or intensity may feel a lot higher when the temperature rises. Your heart will work at a higher rate in these conditions so keeping an eye on your heart rate level will stop you from training too hard. If you do not have a heart rate monitor the talk test is another great way to gage where your heart rate it. By saying a few words you should be slightly breathless. By pushing yourself too hard will mean you are unable to talk. Heat exhaustion is very common but with small considerations this will help anyone that enjoys to be outdoors get the most from this time.

If you find yourself having to slow down when exercising outside then interval training is a fantastic option for getting periodic intensity. By doing this you will still maintain fitness levels but will not have to go full blast in the heat. Other things to think about is, wear a dri fit hat, use sun cream and carry fluids.