Many people spend the summer months outside running and cycling. However, come winter time if you do not enjoy using the gym you may need some inspiration on what you can do as a winter alternative.

No matter how motivated you are, the nights are dark, early mornings are dark and it is getting colder which makes it harder to get outside and run. To stay motivated try and get some support by joining a running club or finding a running partner. There is nothing better than still breathing in the cold crisp air and taking in all the outside has to offer. Just because you are not a fan of the gym does not make a good excuse to not exercise.

Home work - out DVDs are great. Most of the time you will not need equipment as the workouts on these DVDs are designed to be done in the home. There are thousands of DVDs offering Yoga, Zumba, 12 week progression workouts, Strength and cardio plans – you name it and you will find it! Even The Wii fit and Play stations have exercise games to keep you active!

 You could make a small investment into some home equipment. A TRX or something similar is relatively low cost and uses suspension training. This is great for challenging your body in different ways due to the increased use of the stabiliser muscles. You can really achieve a total body workout with this simple piece of equipment.  A good TRX or similar suspension training equipment often comes with a workout DVD or printed workouts to follow.

Fitness magazines often have some really good workouts to follow that can be adapted in your home too. If you have the room you may also want to think about investing into a piece of cardio kit. A pre used commercial treadmill, bike, rower or cross trainer in some cases will be cheaper than a  health club membership but will last you forever in the home.

So if you enjoy your fitness in the summer months, there is no reason to hibernate through the winter. If you are already thinking what other ways you can keep fit then you are already motivated to keep exercising throughout the winter. Just spend some time to decide how you would like to exercise. Whether you are fortunate enough to have your own fitness equipment at home or even if you rely on the DVD workouts, you are still moving, which will keep you fit and strong until the warmer months for you to get out and start running or cycling again. Something is always better than nothing!

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