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Core Master
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The Core Master is the first fitness product that works the outer, middle, and deep inner core muscles…. all at once.

Due to the engineered registered design of the Core Master, it works better than anything similar on the market.

With over 100 different exercise variations, Core Master is suitable for all levels from complete beginner to elite athlete.

• Approximate Size: L 52cm x W 53cm x D 16cm (without handles ) or 20.5cm (with handles)
• Weight: 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
• Maximum User Weight: 275lbs (125kg)

• Deck: 70% ABS 30% PC for strength and durability
• Handles: Aluminum with TPE rubber logo grip covering for stability
• Arm Pads: Soft padded EVA foam for added comfort

Module 3 

1 - Abs Extensions - Low Plank

The best way to work your upper body and CORE at the same time! Feel your lower abdominals stretching and contracting like never before.

2 - Balance in High Plank

The Core Master Balancing Plank will improve your core stability and strength to higher levels than ever before. Works the glutes, shoulders, chest and back muscles. 

3 - Close Grip Press Up

Take your Press-ups to the next level with close grip press-ups on the Core Master! Isolating your triceps whilst hitting your WHOLE CORE at the same time.

 4 - Oblique Twists in Low Plank

This exercise is the best way to isolate your obliques (sides of the waist) whilst working your WHOLE CORE at the same time! 

Module 4

 1 - Leg Raises in High Plank

This exercise targets your legs and Glutes whilst improving your core stability, strength and balance to higher levels than ever before!

2 - Pike in High Plank

This specific plank involves all the benefits of a regular plank while ramping up the intensity and engaging more muscles at once. 

3 - Core Master x TRX

This advanced exercise focuses on the strength and stability of EVERY core muscle, works the legs and Glutes, and is a great heart rate raiser!

4 - With over 100 different exercise variations, Core Master is suitable for all levels, from complete beginner to elite athlete. Building Strength, Stamina & Stability.

Module 5

Q: Is the Core Master good for a beginner to use ?

A: Yes it is suitable for all levels. Beginners should start with the easier exercises on your knees and slowly progress through the exercises as you build up your Core strength.

Q: How does it differ from using an Ab roller ?

A: You cannot do low planks on an Ab roller! An Ab roller allows the user to do rollout exercises which can only be performed in High Plank (holding the handles with straight arms). In a high plank the core works less because your body is positioned more vertically against gravity. 

Q: Will it tone my stomach muscles and help me lose belly fat ?

A: If used correctly and, together with a healthy nutritional diet, you will strengthen and tone your stomach muscles and help towards losing fat around your belly.

Q: Does it come with instructions for exercises ?

A: You can go onto our website for all instructional videos and download the App from Apple App Store. These will help you target specific areas of your body as well as your core. There are also classes for different levels of ability.

Q: How long will it take for me to see results ?

A: Depends on how often you do the exercises and to what intensity. Age and physical ability will also have an impact but with regular correct use of the Core Master you will notice increased strength in your core, upper body, arms, back and legs.


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