Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

Sleek, stackable and portable equipment for any space.

Peak Pilates Fit Reformer

Workout at home but can’t fit a studio reformer? Want to add group reformer classes to your studio or fitness center but don’t want to compromise on that studio height? Welcome the fit™ reformer, the first reformer to incorporate vertical stackability and affordability in a studio height reformer. Things are definitely looking up!

Peak Pilates MVe Reformer

The MVe Reformer is a sleek, precision-built aluminum reformer possessing the features and quality of the finest professional studio reformers, while stacking for space-saving if necessary. This patent-pending design allows for ‘nesting’ of the units without removing parts or legs.

Far superior to competitive models that either do not have studio-height legs and sit on the floor, or require \'flipping on end\' because they cannot stack with legs, the MVe Reformer\'s innovative design includes features not found on other stackable reformers such as retractable shoulder-block, retractable risers and a gear bar selection for maximum adjustability, comfort and user-friendly appeal.

The Peak Pilates Story

Twenty years ago, surrounded by the majestic Colorado Rockies, we created Peak Pilates®. We were born out of dual inspirations: the pristine beauty of the mountains, and the timeless designs and movement principles created by Joseph Pilates. Today, we bring those inspirations together, offering the world’s most elegant Pilates equipment and unparalleled instructor education.

Innovative Equipment

At Peak Pilates, we are committed to preserving the integrity and genius of Joseph Pilates' original equipment designs while integrating them with today's technology. The result is a compatible family of equipment - from classic hand-crafted natural and sustainable woods to advanced metal designs. Our equipment delivers enhanced product performance, versatility and safety and just as important, a superior Pilates experience.


Why Add Pilates?

People have been practicing Pilates for more than 90 years. Adding Peak Pilates equipment, hiring certified Peak Pilates instructors and embracing the mind-body lifestyle of our culture is a sure way to make the experience you offer your members even more enticing.

Dimensions - 16" H x 26" W x 97" L (41cm x64cm x 246cm)

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