It is very obvious that come January time gym memberships will soar. After the indulging festive season, brings New year’s resolutions to keep fit and mainly lose the excess weight. If you are fortunate enough to live in an area to have the choice of what gym to join there are a few pointers to look out for that can help you find the best gym. Here are a few thoughts if you are one of those people thinking of joining a gym or health club this New year.

First of all, have a look at what equipment is installed. Find out how many members the gym has. Then take a look at the number or treadmills, bikes or even benches the gym has. For example ideally you are looking to have one weights bench/25 members. If there is any less the likely chance of you having to wait for bench is fairly certain.

Look at the dumbbells. Ideally there needs to be a full set from 2-30kg increasing in 2kg increments. This way, when you are increasing the weight of an exercise the jump will not be too much. The more expensive gyms should also have a 1-10kg selection too.

Most commonly treadmills are the most likely machines to break down. Have a look around to see if any of the machines have a notice saying it is due for repair. Most clubs have maintenance contracts so really the machine should only be out of action for 3 days at the most. It is worth finding out how long a machine has been out of operation.

Nowadays we are seeing many pay as you go options. In the past you had to commit to a 12 month contract, where as now there are many clubs where you can pay month by month and they are low cost too. These clubs may not look as fancy but they will be fully equipped and well set up for clients needs.

Also before committing to a gym, make sure you are realistic with how many workouts you wish to achieve in a week. Divide the monthly membership and you will get a feel for how much each workout will cost you. If you discover you are not a frequent user then buying some home gym equipment can be the equivalent of an annual gym membership.  Another money saving tip is to find out what the off peak times are. This can save up to 50 % on monthly memberships.

A good piece of advice is to view the gym at the time you will be using it. This way you can see how busy it will be. And finally, when having your tour it is a good idea to find out the level of instructors they employ. The very best value will be a level 3 trainer. 

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