Suspension training has been in gyms for a good few years now, and looks as though it fits right in. With people using this type of training as part of their weekly schedule we look at where it originates from and look in more detail about why this is such a popular why of training.

Suspension rigs like the TRX have been used by acrobats and similar professions. Today we can see them being used by individuals or as a group work out. Not only can we use the TRX or similar suspension cables in a gym, you can take this everywhere and anywhere.

As long as you attach it correctly to a fixed point, the cables allow your hands and feet to grip the two handles. Suspension training g is brilliant for achieving more than one goal at a time. Pre dominantly the core is always engage, although our core should always be engaged when exercising it is possible to cheat for example using a fixed weight machine. 

The TRX allows no cheating. Without proper engagement of the core and correct form you will be unable to do the movement successfully. This way of training is very functional, it also requires co-ordination and a lot of control. Anyone can use the TRX or similar, by changing the angle of the body this will determine the degree of how hard the movement becomes. By using the TRX you can also make strength training dynamic. 

The training can be very specific to your training goals, if you are a sports person movements can easily be replicated to what you use in your sporting field. To the average gym user, the TRX give another dimension to your training. The movements can be quite complex where you really have to engage thought in what you are doing.

Again, this give another dimension and helps to eliminate boredom. Circuit style workouts are great when using suspension training. Due to the nature of how functional these are you have many components of fitness being trained in one single movement. Slow controlled movements to fast dynamic and explosive.

The heart rate can be high or low. I think everyone should have at least one workout designed using a suspension training system. If you are really enthusiastic you can then purchase your very own system for not a lot of money allowing you to train where ever and when ever. This is a great training tool. If you are a member of a gym then have a go! Don’t worry about people watching you, work with a trainer and I am sure you will then have someone ask you what type of programme you had.