For most people, performing exercises with free weights is an essential and beneficial part of their training routine, allowing them to perform functional training movements that can have a greater carryover to everyday activities. Training with free weights allows you to use a full range of motion, meaning that you are not locked into a specific movement like you are when you train with machines. This form of training allows you to exercise in a way that is natural for your body.

For those who own a home gym or are looking to build one, dumbbells are one of the first investments to make. However, as your strength increases over time, it may be hard to stock all the right weights that you need without spending a lot of money or overflowing your floor. Well, Gymkit UK now has the perfect solution.

The new Flexbell is now available at Gymkit UK. This smart, adjustable dumbbell allows you to change your preferred weight in an easy twist motion, saving you time, space and money.

The Flexbell has been called ‘the world’s smartest dumbbell’, carefully and expertly designed with pioneering technology to change the way you can work out. Selecting your weight with the Flexbell is hassle-free and efficient making this pair an excellent investment for any commercial or home gym.

The Flexbell weights start from just 2kg, all the way up to 20kg with expansion packs available if you would like to increase the weight per dumbbell.

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