Do you have a training programme? Planning ahead before you workout can really help you wasting time and aimlessly finding the next exercise to do when you are in the gym. A great idea is every Sunday, taking a small amount of time to devise your week ahead workouts. List the exercises you want to do each day including the details or the equipment, reps and time. Once you are in the gym this is when you will find yourself more focused and motivated to work out and really maximise the time and effort you put into it. Planning ahead will also stop you from skipping workouts too! And, if the machine or exercise in your workout is being used do not worry! Definitely don’t wait and slow your workout down.  Move to the next exercise or, even better come up with an alternative that works similar muscles e.g.  A barbell squat, use dumbbells or the Chest press is being used so perform dumbbell bench press. If you struggle to find alternatives, the key is to not wait around. Be creative. Find a mat and do some abdominal work, do some step up’s or plyo metrics, use the cross trainer if no treadmills are free.  Think about using your time to the best you can.

When putting your workouts together ensure to think about what is your primary goal? If it is a flatter tummy then do your floor work first. Quite often the last exercise in your workout is performed more poorly than the first.

When time is short choose exercises that work more than one muscle. This way you can cut your workouts in half. Exercises such as Squats, Dead lifts and pull ups recruit more muscle groups than leg extensions and lateral raises! Also, try using two compound exercises in the same exercise? One example of this is a dumbbell squat with bicep curl. Two exercises for the price of one!

Get creative with your workouts. If you are used to spending hours on the treadmill and not sweating the truth is you are probably not training efficiently. Unless you are training for an endurance  event,  spending a lot of time doing aerobic exercise is not as effective as pushing yourself harder but for less time.

Finally, lengthen your limbs!  At the end of every work-out  allow  time to stretch. This will reduce the risk of injury, improve posture and increase your muscle strength. 

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